We are happy to design new mindfulness workshops or combine or modify the workshops described below to meet the needs of particular groups.

Peace in Oneself, Peace in the World: Mindfulness Practices Promoting Inner Peace

The most valuable gift we can give our students and ourselves is inner peace. Participants in this workshop will examine obstacles to inner peace and learn and practice mindfulness skills that can help transform these obstacles, enabling participants to be in touch with sources of inner wellness and peace. Participants will become more aware of stress producing mental states and learn methods of tending them in healthy ways. Participants will experience techniques as they are used in teaching middle and upper school students.

Learning from the Inside Out: Accessing Inner Wisdom with Mindfulness

The Latin root of educate, educare, means to draw out or bring forth greatness. How do we accomplish this?  In this workshop, participants will engage in exercises that expand and connect inner and outer awareness. Participants will learn contemplative methods to sharpen sensory awareness, connect in an intimate way with text, and tune into and share their deepest responses with others in a profoundly connecting way. The techniques used in this workshop can be adapted to classroom practice with students of all ages.

The Joy of Mindful Parenting

Presence is the key ingredient of mindful parenting, being fully present both to oneself and one’s children. In this workshop participants will engage in contemplative exercises that enhance awareness of one’s thoughts and feelings, sharpen sensory awareness, and promote mindful speech and deep listening. These skills are important building blocks of rewarding relationships with children and adults as well.



Are you seeking more self-awareness and connection for your students and teachers? Would you like to promote greater focus and excitement in learning?   Do more to nurture wisdom as well teach content? The following are among the workshops Minding Your Life offers.  We’re also happy to design new ones to meet your needs.  If you think your school might benefit from our support, call us at 301.651.6118 or send an email to, and we’ll be happy to see how we can be of help.