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Educators Retreat (USA)

Happy Educators Change the World (Italy)

Happy Teachers Will Change the World (USA)

Looking Deeply Looking deeply is a most important mindfulness activity. It involves simply holding in awareness with curiosity something—a visual image, a thought, a feeling, a poem, etc. and letting it reveal whatever it may have to reveal. In this, there is no figuring out, no cognition, just looking. This can be quite challenging if the observer comes to the looking with preconceived ideas about what to expect, with prejudices, or simply with “relevant” past experiences. Such was the case for Professor Jody Ziegler’s art history students, whom she required to view a particular piece of modern art (see Newsletter #22).

Stereograms, also known as Magic Eye images, appear two-dimensional, but reveal embedded three-dimensional images when looked at from the right distance with a relaxed focus. Here’s the URL of one of my favorites:


I could tell you its title, but this would likely make seeing the 3-d image even harder.

In my Geometry classroom I would post a Magic Eye Picture of the Week. When I arrived, a group of students was invariably clustered around it. Some had looked at similar pictures for years, never discovering the hidden image, yet, drawn by the challenge and mystery, they kept coming back to look at new ones.

As our world becomes increasingly black and white, looking deeply seems to be one of many species going extinct. How can we preserve true curiosity in those over five years of age? Here’s an idea from the field of medicine from Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen who asked the group of physicians in her seminar to use their stethoscopes to listen to their own hearts. The room fell into a sacred silence.


Educators Retreat

Wednesday to Sunday, July 1 – 5, 2020

Morning Sun Mindfulness Center

Alstead, NH

This retreat will be of interest to educators, counselors, and administrators.

Happy Educators Change the World (details forthcoming)

Saturday to Saturday, July 18 - 25, 2020

Centro Avalokita

Castelli, Italy

This retreat will be of interest to educators, counselors, and administrators.

Happy Teachers Will Change the World (details forthcoming)

Wednesday to Sunday, August 12 - 16, 2020

Blue Cliff Monastery

Pine Bush, NY

This retreat will be of interest to educators, counselors, administrators, and parents.