Practicing mindfulness, attending to the present moment with nonjudgmental awareness, builds well-being for the individual and, ultimately, for society.  Hope for the future lies in a mindful society.  With appropriate preparation, today’s youth will build this society. 


MINDING YOUR LIFE works to make this vision a reality, helping educators and schools wishing to incorporate mindfulness practice to enhance learning and promote centered, less stressful life.


Educators are our primary focus.  We believe that well nourished educators are best equipped to nourish their students and that mindful teaching requires mindful educators.  As Parker Palmer says, “We teach who we are.”

 “When we breathe,
    when we are mindful,
      life becomes real
    at that very moment.”
              - Thich Nhat Hanh


Tuning In
Mindfulness in Teaching and Learning
Irene McHenry and Richard Brady, Editors

"This is an important book for teachers, school administrators, parents, and all others concerned with the well-being of the next generation." - Thich Nhat Hanh

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