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Transforming Suffering

Reducing stress and improving attention have always been important goals for my mindfulness teaching. However, during the past year Iíve begun to focus more on transforming suffering and promoting joy. This has been especially true of my work with educators. This new emphasis is my response to the dark times we face.

My teaching draws on Joy Meditation Ė The Eight Pillars, which I discovered in The Book of Joy by HH the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and Douglas Adams. This series of eight short guided meditations invites the participant to choose a person, situation, or challenge that is causing suffering and view it successively through eight lenses: Perspective, Humility, Humor, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Compassion, and Generosity. Usually participants report especially benefitting from some of these meditations and having difficulty using others. Thatís to be expected, and I tell people so beforehand.

I recommend becoming familiar with this meditation, using it yourself and with adult friends before sharing it with educators you donít know and, especially, young people. When working with suffering, itís most important that the degree of suffering isnít so large that it canít be held in mindfulness. For this reason, I always suggest people choose something small to focus on. Unless you have appropriate training and work in an appropriate setting, focusing on potentially traumatic situations should be avoided. That said, itís amazing how difficult situations can melt away when seen from a new perspective.

Iím curious about whether and how these meditations can be adapted for younger students.



11th Annual Mindfulness in Education Conference

Friday to Sunday, March 16-18, 2018

University of the District of Columbia

Washington, DC

This conference will be of interest to educators, counselors, administrators and parents.



Happy Educators Change the World

Saturday to Saturday, July 21 Ė July 28, 2018

Centro Avalokita

Castelli, Italy

This retreat will be of interest to educators, counselors and administrators.

Details will be forthcoming.



Educatorís Retreat


Wednesday to Sunday, August 1-5, 2018

Blue Cliff Monastery

Pine Bush, NY

This retreat will be of interest to educators, counselors, administrators and parents.