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                 2017 Mindfulness in Education Conference    

                   Happy Teachers Will Change the World

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Teaching Mindfulness II


When we help students develop their mindfulness, what is happening?Mindfulness isnít a foreign language that students need to learn from scratch.However we define mindfulness, itís something everyone has experienced, though the experiences are usually short and more abundant in childhood, before curiosity begins to dim and responsibilities grow.Nor is mindfulness similar to oneís native language, which students grow up hearing others speak and acquire it naturally from them.Mindfulness is a kind of awareness.To learn mindfulness is to learn how, when called upon, to invite and sustain this kind of awareness in a variety of situations.


Mindfulness is always mindfulness of something, but itís possible to be aware of something without being mindful of it.Weíre aware of things all the time.But to be mindfully aware of something involves choosing to be aware of it and only being aware of it.Watching it, not thinking about it.We can be mindful of objects, sensory input, bodily sensations, emotions, and thoughts themselves, seeing them arrive, change, and depart our awareness.When we begin to think about what has arisen in our awareness, judging it, for example, we lose our mindfulness unless we turn our awareness to this thinking.This kind of self-awareness most children donít have nor do many adults.


We help students attend to their awareness by giving them what we hope will be simple things to attend to:the sound of a chime, the taste of a raisin, their breath, the movement of their bodies as they walk.When other things intrude in their awareness, we ask them to come back to their original focus, not to follow whatever else their minds attend to.There is logic in this.A single object of attention is clear.Itís also clear when that attention is lost.Is this one-pointed attention the goal of learning to be mindful?What about mindfulness in ever-changing life situations?


Whatís the point of developing mindfulness?


Happy Teachers Will Change the World

Thursday to Sunday, June 8-11, 2017

Magnolia Grove Monastery

Batesville, MS

This retreat will be of interest to educators, counselors, administrators and parents.


Mindfulness in Teaching and Learning

Friday to Sunday, June 16-18, 2017

Tufts University

Medford, MA

This conference will be of interest to educators, counselors, administrators and parents.


Educatorís Retreat

Wednesday to Sunday, July 19-23, 2017

Blue Cliff Monastery

Pine Bush, NY

This retreat will be of interest to educators, counselors, administrators and parents.


Happy Educators Change the World

Saturday to Saturday, July 29 Ė August 5, 2017

Centro Avalokita

Castelli, Italy

This retreat will be of interest to educators, counselors and administrators.